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Archive: Winter 2006

Save The Green Planet

Save The Green Planet is a tilt-a whirl genre-blender from Korea that turns film history against itself to create one of the most savage, affecting and inspired anti-violence movies ever made.

Lee Byeong-Gu (Shin Ha-Gyun, JSA) is a sensitive, blue collar sad sack hopped up on conspiracy theories and sci-fi films whose life has been derailed by one bad break after another. Yet he knows there’s no such thing as bad luck. The only thing that could have made such a mess of his life are ... aliens. Nasty, disgusting aliens who have infiltrated human society. Sly aliens who are planning to destroy our planet at the next lunar eclipse. The one alien possessing the Royal Genetic Code needed to contact the Crown Prince and stop the destruction just happens to be his old boss, CEO of Yuje Chemicals, Kang Man-Shik (Baek Yun-Shik).

So with the help of his circus-performer girlfriend he sets out to kidnap Kang and torture him until he confesses to his alien identity and stops the invasion. Of course, it’s hard to confess to something that’s just a delusion in a sick man’s mind.

First time director Jang Jun-Hwan has marshaled every trick in his cinematic arsenal to unleash a full-out moviemaking assault on the audience. Shot for $4 million, this stylish flick looks like something Terry Gilliam would come up with if he were in a really bad mood. ­—text from

“As idea-rich as any five films this year. By turns harrowing, hilarious, and heartbreaking, it may be the smartest thrill-ride of the season. Ranks among the tastiest genre-melts made anywhere this decade.” —Chuck Stephens, Film Comment

2003, South Korea • 116 minutes • 35mm
In Korean and Andromedan w/ English subtitles
Directed by Jang Jun-Hwan

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