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Archive: Winter 2006

Other People's Pictures/
How Little We Know
About Our Neighbors

Filmmaker Rebecca Baron to appear in person

Introduction by Sally Stein, Professor of Art History, UCI

I n cooperation with the Dept. of Art History, we present this program featuring two documentaries on photography and video. The first film, Other People’s Pictures, looks at the worlds of nine obsessive collectors of abandoned family snapshots. Possessing the passion and fine-tuned antennae of high-end collectors,they believe that vintage snapshots, no matter the origin, are treasures.

2004, USA • 53 minutes • DV Cam •
Directed by Lorca Shepperd and Cabot Philbrick

Following will be How Little We Know Of Our Neighbors, the new documentary by award-winning Los Angeles filmmaker Rebecca Baron about video surveillance as science and the unsettling issues of privacy it raises. Founded in Britain in 1937, the Mass Observation movement was “an eccentric social science enterprise that used hidden cameras to record and scrutinize behavior in public spaces. Initially concerned with anthropology, the outfit became a civil spy unit during World War II before re-emerging as a market research firm in the ’50s.” (excerpts from

Rebecca Baron has been teaching filmmaking at CalArts since 2000. Her award-winning experimental and documentary films have been screened extensively in the US and abroad (including Rotterdam, New York Film Festival, Cinimatheque Frangaise, Oberhausen, Viennale).

2005, USA • 50 minutes • DV Cam • Directed by Rebecca Baron

Co-Sponsored by the UCI Department of Art History

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