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Archive: Spring 2006

Transnational Tradeswomen

Appearance by Director Vivian Price
Co-Sponsored by the Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies

The Loved One

Transnational Tradeswomen is a road trip, a personal and political journey narrated by the director Vivian Price, who, before earning her Doctorate at UC Irvine, worked in the construction industry in the US. Inspired by international workers and organizers at the Beijing Conference in 1995, she set out to discover the conditions of work women construction laborers faced outside the US.  Does the gendering of work in construction provide a transnational connection among the women who work in this industry? The film weaves together perspectives from Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Pakistan and Japan by juxtaposing footage shot at construction sites with the voices of women laborers who talk about their lives.


Directed by Vivan Price
2006, USA • 62 mins. • Digital Video


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