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Archive: Spring 2006


Appearance by Director Liu Jiayin
Co-Sponsored by the Center for Asian Studies and presented in association with RedCat/CalArts
Special thanks to Bérénice Reynaud


“T he directorial debut by 23-year-old Chinese filmmaker Liu Jiayin proposes radical questions of the basic concepts of film. Twenty-three fixed shots transmit the most trivial moments of her family’s life in a small apartment. And it works well.”


“Through the lens, I saw our life. I couldn’t describe it otherwise. My home is only fifty square meters. But the screen ratio is Cinemascope. It is my family through my eyes: narrow, depressive, dim and warm. No other people appear in the film except the three of us. The whole movie took me forty days to finish. During those days, once I came back from school, and my mom was back from the factory, and my dad was back from the shop, we would shoot the movie. Most of the scenes were shot during the middle of the night. This story continues in real life.”

—Liu Jiayin, from the Director’s Statement

Directed by Liu Jiayin
2004, China • 110 mins. • Beta SP
in Mandarin w/ English subtitles



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