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Archive: Winter 2006

Contemporary Asian-American Film Series


Director Chris Chan Lee to appear in person.

Korean-American Director Chris Chan Lee wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Yellow in 1998. His latest film, Undoing, is a neo-noir set in Los Angeles’ Koreatown that explores the emotional, spiritual, and physical loneliness of disenfranchised beings, and the irony that such a diverse American city could lead to such solitary existence.

A year after the death of his best friend, Sam Kim returns to Los Angeles determined to find redemption from the past. His mentor and only friend, Don, is a retired gangster with a parallel desire to leave the former world behind. But as Sam tries to balance revenge with reconciliation, he is drawn into the shadowy world he had left behind.

“From the night-lit asphalt drag of a Koreatown joyride to the hazy windshield glare of Los Feliz by day, Lee evokes the character of his varied Los Angeles environments ...”
—Peter Debruge, Variety

Directed by Chris Chan Lee. 2006, USA • 90 min. • DVD

This Program Co-Sponsored by the
Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles




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