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Archive: Winter 2006

Los Angeles/Experimental Film Series
The Bloody Child

The Bloody Child

This program is shown in conjunction with The Look of Law on Oct. 18

Called “Brilliant, one of the most provocative artists in film today” by The Los Angeles Times, Nina Menkes’ films synthesize inner dream-worlds with harsh, outer realities. Sight and Sound has called her body of work “Controversial, intense and visually stunning.”

Inspired by a real incident, two military police on routine patrol discover a young US Marine, recently back from combat in the Gulf, digging a hole in the middle of the Mojave Desert. His car, parked nearby, contains the bloody body of his wife, and he is arrested for murder. Menkes turns the mundane realism of the Marine’s arrest into a haunting, hallucinatory journey, a jagged look back at the desolation of violence.

“The Bloody Child taps into something central and irreducable about the pervasive role of violence in contemporary American culture that no other picture gets at -- something at once chilling and clarifying ” —Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Chicago Reader

Film print generously provided by the Academy Film Archive.

Directed by Nina Menkes
1996, USA • 85 mins. • 35mm

This Program Co-Sponsored by the UC Irvine Department of Studio Art and the Center In Law, Society and Culture


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