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Archive: Winter 2006

Contemporary Asian-American Film Series
The President's Last Bang

The President's Last Bang

October 26, 1979: it is a day like any other day for KCIA Chief Agent Ju. Sent to a high-class brothel to secure evening’s diversions for the president, Ju can barely hide his contempt for the menial, contemptible duties he is called on to perform for the ‘good’ of his country. He plots and prepares to enter the history books. Meanwhile, KCIA Director Kiim has been diagnosed with a liver condition. He shouldn’t overindulge in food and drink, but Park has demanded he attend a dinner party at the KCIA safe house—thus triggering Kim’s decision to assassinate the president.

Inspired by the 24 hours that led to the most shocking incident in modern Korean history, The President’s Last Bang is the first attempt to deal with the October 26th assassination of the President.

“This meticulously well-made picture is disarmingly funny at times ... but also subdued and straight-faced, with one eye planted on 1979 and the other on the violent student demonstrations looming in the distance.”
—Scott Foundas, L.A. Weekly

Summary provided by Cinema-Source

Directed by Sang-soo Im. 2005. South Korea, 102 min., 35mm

This Program Co-Sponsored by the
Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles





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