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Archive: Winter 2006

Contemporary Asian-American Film Series
Man Push Cart

Man Push Cart

Director Ramin Bahrazi to appear in person.

Director Ramin Bahrazi, named one of the “US Stars of Tomorrow” by Screen International, has won several awards for the critically acclaimed Man Push Cart, including the FIPRESCI Prize at the London Film Festival.

Man Push Cart tells the story of Ahmad (Ahmad Razvi) a former Pakistani rock singer who ekes out a living selling coffee and donuts to morning commuters from his push cart in Midtown Manhattan. Ahmad supplements his income by selling bootleg porn DVDs, carefully saving his money to afford a place where he might be able to live with his estranged young son. It is a harsh, often humiliating life, but Ahmad carries on with a stoic dignity and sensitivity, seemingly determined to find his way. Then the dull routine of his life is brightened by two developments: the arrival of a young Spanish woman (Leticia Dolera) working down the street in a newspaper kiosk; and an offer of assistance from a wealthy fellow Pakistani (Charles Daniel Sandoval), who remembers Ahmad’s former life as a rock star.

“...moving and touching, and possessed of intelligence and integrity...with acres of heart and humanity...”
—Alex Crawford, BBC News

Directed by Ramin Bahrazi. 2005, USA • 87 min. • 35mm



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