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Archive: Winter 2006

Los Angeles/Experimental Film Series
The Look of Law

The Look of Law

Introduction by Professor Simon Leung,
Department of Studio Art, UC Irvine

This program of six short videos organized by Professor Simon Leung (Department of Studio Art) is presented in conjunction with an exhibition (University Art Gallery, September 28-October 20) and a conference (HIB 135, October 19) of the same name.

Chosen from contemporary videos made mostly by visual artists who have a peripheral relationship with the current video/film world, these videos address the affective ramifications of state and political power using hybrid forms of verbal and textual narration that owe as much to the history of video art in galleries as they do to experimental cinema and video. Included among the contemporary works is a rarely-seen mid-70s work by Ron Clark, which eerily foreshadows the tone of the American psyche in a post 9-11 age of homeland (in)security.

Untitled Video on Lynne Stewart and Her Conviction, The Law and Poetry
Directed by Paul Chan.
2006, USA • 17 min.• video

Directed by Ron Clark.
1975, USA• 22 min.• video

Green Love
Directed by Nils Norman and Lincoln Tobier.
2004, USA • 10 min. • video

Reference Over Time
Directed by Andrea Geyer.
2004, USA • 19 min. • video

Stock Exchange
Directed by Nate Harrison*.
2006, USA • 12 min. • video

The Years to Come
Directed by Eiko Grimberg.
2004, Germany/US • 14 min. • video

* Filmmaker Nate Harrison will participate in a conversation with Simon Leung and the audience after the screening.

This Program Co-presented with the UC Irvine
Department of Studio Art and co-sponsored by the
Center In Law, Society and Culture




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