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Archive: Winter 2005

Films of Kim Hong Jun

Special Guest: Director Kim Hong-jun to appear.

co-sponsored by the Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles and Harvard Film Archive

My Korean Cinema
4pm, HIB 135
In the vein of Martin Scorsese’s warmly received recollections of Hollywood and Italian cinema comes Kim Hong-jun’s overview of forty years of Korean film history. Culled from his televison presentations, the film features the director’s reflections on the work of Im Kwon-Taek, Yu Hyon-Mok, Kim Ki-Young and Shin Sang-ok, as well as many others whose work has gone largely undocumented. A funny and moving ode to a life of cinephilia, the film draws on Kim’s experience as a filmmaker as well as film commissioner and festival director to inform this nostalgic journey. A panel discussion on Korean cinema will follow the screening with Kim Hong-jun, Eunsun Cho (USC), and Kyung Hyun Kim (UC Irvine) participating.

2002, South Korea • 60 minutes • minidv • in Korean with English subtitles • Directed by Kim Hong-jun


The Jungle Story

7pm, HIB 100
An archetypal story of a rock band on the rise, Jungle Story recounts the early years of the fictitious, underground group, the Yun Do-Hyun Band (led by real-life rock star Do-Hyun Yun). Do-Hyun drops out of school to search for success in the music business, but becomes frustrated when the recording of his album is put on hold because it is not considered commercial enough by record executives. Kim Hong-jun avoids the trappings of the familiar music business narrative by remaining honest to his subject and using a compelling visual style to present the musician’s performances.

1996, South Korea • 87 minutes • 35mm • in Korean with English subtitles • Directed by Kim Hong-jun

After working as an assistant to veteran director Im Kwon-Taek, Kim Hong-jun has moved on to establish himself as a leading figure in Korean film culture. In addition to his provocative film work, he has programmed film festivals, served as head of the Korean Film Commission, and became a recognizable televison personality, introducing classic Korean films, which served as the basis for My Korean Cinema.

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