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Archive: Winter 2005

Jem Cohen Shorts

Special Guest: Director Jem Cohen to appear.

Working at the intersection of numerous genres, Jem Cohen has produced a substantial body of work that resists easy categorization. "His collaborations with musicians include work with Blonde Redhead and Vic Chesnutt, as well as long-form documentaries (Instrument with Fugazi and, with Peter Sillen, Benjamin Smoke); he has also produced some exceptional narrative experiments (Chain, Lost Book Found)." We have invited Cohen to participate in a presentation of four of his short films: Lucky 3, Little Flags, Blood Orange Sky, and Lost Book Found.

Lucky 3 is a portrait of the late singer/songwriter Elliott Smith
1997 • 11 minutes

Blood Orange Sky, commissioned by the Sicilian arts group, Officine, takes a look at the small town of Catania, Sicily.
1999 • 26 minutes

Little Flags transforms a tickertape parade in Lower Manhattan into an elegiac meditation on patriotism.
2000 • 7 minutes

Lost Book Found is a study of the city of New York as it undergoes its constant, slo-mo evolution. At the center of the film is a notebook that opens up a world previously unseen. Cohen creates a film that lies between documentary and fiction to consider his own relationship with a city that appears different at different speeds.
1996 • 37 minutes

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