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Archive: Winter 2005

In This Short Life

Special Guest: Director Britta Sjögren to appear.

Presented as part of “Home: A Visual Studies Conference” hosted by UC Irvine’s Graduate Program in Visual Studies

In an attempt to examine the relationship between individual desires and social reality, Britta Sjögren took four individuals and asked them to transform a personal experience they recalled as being a pivotal moment in their life into a scene for the film.

Sjögren is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cinema at San Francisco State University where she teaches film production and theory. She is also the director of A Small Domain and Jo-Jo at the Gate of Lions.

Thematically, the film explores and extends the terrain which has inspired my work in the past—the subjective experience of women—to include other marginalized individuals such as the mentally ill and those who live without financial security to render their difference in positive terms. I made this film to open a window onto the difficulties that those outside the mainstream experience and to reveal the risk and the complexity of lives lived on the fringes of society.

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