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Archive: Winter 2005

A Fireside Chat with David Byrne:
I Love Powerpoint

To end the winter quarter, the Film and Video Center will be hosting a presentation by David Byrne about...Power Point.

Initially, I made presentations about presentations; they were almost completely without content. The content, I learned, was in the medium itself...Although I began by making fun of the medium, I soon realized I could actually create things that were beautiful. I could bend the program to my own whim and use it as an artistic agent...I discovered that even without text, I could make works that were "about" something, something beyond themselves, and that they could even have emotional resonance. What had I stumbled upon?   
—David Byrne

This visit is part of David Byrne's West Coast tour that includes the Portland Art Museum, UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara. Best known as a musician (co-founder of the Talking Heads and Academy Award-winning film composer), David Byrne started out as an art student, attending both the Rhode Island School of Design and Maryland Institute College of Art. Byrne's PowerPoint projects earned him a Wired RAVE Award for Art earlier this year.

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