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Archive: Spring 2005

Mutiny: Asians Storm British Music

Director Vivek Bald will appear in person to introduce the film and answer questions following the screening.

Combining music documentary and social documentary, Mutiny: Asians Storm British Music charts the meteoric rise of Asian music in 1990s Britain, as well as the decades of cultural cross-pollination and political struggle that led up to that historic moment. Shot independently on digital video over the course of seven years, Mutiny features Asian Dub Foundation, Talvin Singh, Fun•Da•Mental and a host of other British musicians of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi descent, presenting these artists and their music at extreme close range.

"Mutiny presents the history of a generation that fought against and significantly changed (its) environment –both through activism and through culture. The film looks at the role that different “Western” musics –punk, reggae, hip-hop–played in providing a base of empowerment and self-worth for South Asian youth. But it also looks at how these young people combined such influences with the music of their parents to produce innovative and totally new sounds–from bhangra to “Asian Underground” and beyond–forcing their way onto the stage of British popular culture and staking a powerful claim for themselves in British society as a whole."

2003, United Kingdom • 83 minutes • 35mm • Directed by Vivek Bald

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