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Archive: Fall 2005

Films of Kimi Takasue

Director Kimi Takesue to appear in Person
Introduction by Glen Mimura, Assistant Professor
of Asian American Studies

Kimi Takesue’s award-winning films have screened at over 200 film festivals and museums including the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Locarno International, Vancouver International, and London's Institute of Contemporary Art. She is the recipient of a 2005 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship in Film, a Rockefeller Fellowship in Media Arts, as well as a 2005 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Film.

Summer of the Serpent
“Lulling, hypnotic and...gorgeous, it’s the story of a little girl whose poolside boredom is alleviated by the arrival of a black-clad woman and her yakuza assistant. Exploring and subverting the appeal of Asiatic mystery, it beautifully evokes the steaming daydreams of summer.” —Sam Adams, The Philadelphia City Paper

2004 • USA • 27 minutes • DVD

Heaven’s Crossroad
Heaven’s Crossroad traces an impressionistic journey through Vietnam exploring the nuances and complexities of looking cross-culturally. Structured in a series of observational yet stylized vignettes, Heaven’s Crossroad investigates shifting relationships that link the observer with the observed. The film tracks an unseen traveler’s encounters with a new place and people, fluctuating between voyeurism and intimacy. Heaven’s Crossroad charts a singular journey, yet it also explores common desires which surface through travel: the desire to be transported to another place; the desire to communicate beyond language; the desire to arrest time and re-possess a moment, a glance, a feeling, an encounter.(press release)

2002• USA • 35 minutes • DVD

A brief visual collage of New York City. Evoking ideas on energy, movement and interconnected networks of life, the film captures the sensuous experience of metropolitan life.

2005 • USA • 5 minutes • DVD

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