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Archive: Fall 2004

Take Care of My Cat

We end our Fall schedule with this debut feature from Director/Screenwriter Jae-Eun Jeong. Set in the port city of Inchon, Take Care of My Cat follows the orbit of five friends in high school who step into adulthood only to find a vastly different world succeptible to constantly changing priorities and circumstances.

As rich in incidental detail as it is narratively diffuse, Cat faithfully registers their failures in ambition and communication as workplace ennui obliterates high school graduation giddiness, the only constant the variegated burbling of their cell phones.
—Ed Park, Village Voice

Jae-Eun Jeong’sTake Care of My Cat brings a beguiling freshness to a coming-of-age story with such a buoyant, expressive flow of images that it emerges as another key contribution to the flowering of the South Korean cinema.
—Kevin Thomas, LA Times

2002 • South Korea • 112 Minutes • 35mm
Directed by Jae-Eun Jeong • In Korean with English subtitles

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