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Archive: Fall 2004


Special Guest: Sally Stein (Art History) will introduce the film.

If you haven’t already seen this film classic from the very end of the political era that spawned a host of Kennedys, Kennedy assassins, the U.S. war in Southeast Asia plus the fusion of country western and southern blues, this is your chance! They say that the battleground for this year’s election will be decided not on either coast but in America’s “heartland.”  Nashville director Robert Altman already sensed that in the mid 1970s when he made this bittersweet love letter about a region of the nation torn between its backwoods bible belt traditions and its growing flirtation with unabashed sex, stardom and rock ‘n roll, albeit with a country twang. As for which side is most to blame for the violence that interrupts the smooth machinery of the slick politicians, Altman lets you decide with a brilliant tuneful finale.
—Sally Stein

1975, USA • 157 Minutes • 35mm • Directed by Robert Altman



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