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Archive: Fall 2004

Los Angeles Plays Itself

Special Guests: Director Thom Anderson, Ed Dimendberg (Film and Media Studies) and Martin Schwab (Philosophy) will be present to discuss the film.

We begin the Fall season with Thom Andersen’s highly praised documentary, a film comprised of fragments from numerous films whose common thread is the city of Los Angeles. Culled from over 200 films, Los Angeles Plays Itself is as much about filmmaking as it is about the city it plays. Andersen reveals casual connections that are developed into more elaborate themes and patterns by way of the skillful interplay between editing and narration. Deftly moving between old school B-films, European art films, the American avant-garde, and Hollywood blockbusters, Andersen’s portrait of the city through its many faces is full of wisdom and wit.

2002, USA • 169 Minutes • BetaSP • Directed by Thom Anderson



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