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Archive: Fall 2004


Special Guest: Director Clark Lee Walker will be present to discuss his film

Clark Lee Walker’s feature debut, Levelland, takes place in the American suburbs, somewhere between the urban centers and the rural edges. Continuing in a tradition that spans from American Graffiti to Dazed and Confused, the youth of Levelland struggle more with uncertainty and alienation than with apathy or disgust. Unconvinced by the empty promises of adulthood the kids find comfort in the best way they know to make sense of their surroundings, skateboarding. And it is Walker’s direction of the more-skateboarder-than-actor cast that provides rare and honest glimpses of that vague and sudden period between youth and adulthood.

Walker’s impressive DIY-style filmmaking clearly reflects his passion for his subject matter, and his empathy for these characters.- —Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide

“I do feel like I was part of a whole generation that for better or worse learned how to raise ourselves. Inventing our own culture through things like skateboarding and punk rock was what saved us.” -—Clark Lee Walker

2003 • USA • 107 Minutes • 35mm • Directed by Clark Lee Walker



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