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Archive: Fall 2004

Films of Dang Nhat Minh


Special Guest: Director/Screenwriter Dang Nhat Minh will discuss his films following each screening.

Bao Gio Cho Den Thang Muoi
(When The Tenth Month Comes)

This slightly subdued melodrama revolves around a woman and her son in a Vietnamese village. The title refers to the month in which the Day of Forgiveness occurs; a time when it is said that departed souls may visit loved ones still living. Traveling to town to discover why her husband has not returned from the war, the protagonist Duyen learns that he has been killed in the line of duty. Unable to break the news to her family, she convinces the local schoolteacher to forge letters from her departed husband. Complications arise as the schoolteacher develops feelings for her. When her son runs away, the soldiers who pick him up reveal Duyan’s secret to him. With the air cleared, the family is free to move on with life.
—The Legacy Project.

1984, Vietnam • 95 Minutes • 35mm • Directed by Dang Nhat Minh • In Vietnamese with English subtitles

This 35mm print courtesy of the UCLA Film and Television Archive.


Mua Oi
(The Guava Season)

The Guava Season is the story of a simple-minded man who manages to earn some money by posing for students at Hanoi's art school. He has lost his mental faculties after falling off the guava tree that reigned
over the garden of his family home - he has been locked in his childhood memories ever since. Immediately after the withdrawal of the French army, the house was expropriated by the state and sold to a top senior civil servant. Obsessed with the idea of returning to his old
home, Hoa breaks into its garden and, unintentionally, frightens the
daughter of the civil servant.

—Berlin Film Festival program notes

2000, Vietnam • 100 Minutes • 35mm • Directed by Dang Nhat Minh
In Vietnamese with English subtitles

This 35mm print courtesy of Vietnam Cinema Department.

These screenings are co-sponsored by the Center for Asian Studies.


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