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Links to Writing Activities

  • UCI ESL Links - This site maintained by the UCI Program in Academic English/ESL provides links to grammar exercises and explanations and other language resources.
  • The UCI Correction Symbols are explained here and links are provided to grammar¬† explanations and exercises developed by the UCI Program in Academic English/ESL.
  • UCI Edits - This page is the starting point for a series of modules to test grammar and editing skills.
  • An online version of the Newbury House Dictionary provides information on count/non count nouns, verb phrases, and sample sentences.
  • This site from Capital Community College provides an extensive list of links to simple and clear grammar explanations of sentence level errors, paragraph level problems and essay development tips.
  • The Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute Writing Center provides advanced writers with handouts on topics concerning prose style and mechanics (parallelism, varying sentence length, word choice, thesis statements, citing sources, etc.).
  • This site from the publisher Bedford-St.Martin's Press has sample compositions of different rhetorical styles.