MFA Deadlines

FOR FALL 2018 

December 10, 2017 

January 15, 2018

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MFA Application Information

To apply to the MFA Programs in Writing, applicants must submit electronic and hard copy documents. Applications are complete when the Programs in Writing has received all of the documents listed below. These documents include the University Electronic Application (with the Statement of Purpose and the Personal History Statement), three letters of recommendation, official transcripts, the Manuscript Submission Form, the Autobiographical Statement, and the writer’s manuscript. Please read the following information carefully for more information on each of these items. The Programs in Writing will not accept incomplete or partial applications.

Please submit the following electronically:

  1. University Electronic Application:
    • Applicants must complete and pay for the electronic application by the program deadline listed above (no exceptions). Paying for the application is the only way to submit the application.
    • Fee Waiver information can be found on the Graduate Division website.
    • The GRE section of the application may be left blank, as the Programs in Writing does not require GRE scores. 
  2. Statement of Purpose:
    • There will be a section for the Statement of Purpose on the University Electronic Application.
    • The Statement of Purpose is an essay in which the applicant should try to articulate his or her ideas about the value of writing as well as to express how and why the Programs in Writing and its faculty may help with the realization of his or her vocational goals. Suggested length is 500 to 1000 words. 
  3. Personal History Statement:
    • For applicants who are US Citizens or US Permanent Residents, there will be a section for the Personal History Statement on the University Electronic Application. Applicants must first complete the Residency section of the application in order for the Personal History section to appear.
    • The Personal History Statement is about the applicant’s personal background. Applicants may include information about their upbringing, family, culture, socio-economic background, or any personal experiences and challenges. Applicants may also wish to describe how they might contribute to social or cultural diversity within their chosen field of study. The Personal History Statement is used by UCI Graduate Division to help determine whether an applicant is eligible for a fee waiver or a diversity fellowship. There is a 1200 word limit.
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation:
    • A total of three letters of recommendation are required and they can be submitted electronically or in hard copy. (Please see below for hard copy instructions.)
    • Electronic letters of recommendation can be set up through the University Electronic Application. Applicants will input the email addresses of their recommenders, and the recommenders will be emailed a link that explains how to upload an electronic letter of recommendation. If needed, applicants can resend their recommenders this link by logging in to the Application Progress Review. For more assistance, applicants can contact UCI Graduate Division at
    • Electronic letters of recommendation can be submitted after the application has been submitted.

Questions Regarding Electronic App?

For any questions about the University Electronic Application, please contact 
UCI Graduate Division at (949) 824-4611.

Please submit the following in hard copy to the Programs in Writing at the address below:

  1. Transcripts:
    • Applicants must submit one official, sealed copy of transcripts of all college-level work. Transcripts must be received from every undergraduate and graduate institution that the applicant has attended. This includes community colleges, summer sessions, and extension programs. Even if credits from one institution have transferred and appear on another institution’s transcript, the program will still need to receive the original transcript where the credits first appeared.
    • Applicants who have attended UCI must request an official, sealed transcript; the program cannot obtain them on the applicant’s behalf.
    • All transcripts must be issued by the applicant’s previous institution’s Registrar’s Office. The Programs in Writing must receive the transcripts in the original sealed envelope. The Programs in Writing cannot accept any copied, faxed, emailed, or opened transcripts. Transcripts will be accepted if mailed directly from the Institution or from the applicant. As long as the seal is not broken. Transcripts can arrive after the deadline.
  2. Manuscript Submission Form:
    • Please do not staple this form to any other documents.
  3. Autobiographical Statement:
    • 500 to 1000 words, double-spaced, in 12-point font, stapled or paper-clipped with full name and page numbers on it. Please no colored paper and no fancy fonts. (Please, no Courier/Courier New font.)
    • The Autobiographical Statement is a self-portrait of the applicant as a writer and as a person. It may include the influence of favorite writers or teachers as well as personal experiences and information about how the practice of writing became important to the applicant’s life. 
    • Please note that the Personal History Statement, the Statement of Purpose, and the Autobiographical Statement are three separate statements.  It is fine if information in the three statements overlap.
  4. Manuscript:
    • Place full name and page numbers on the manuscript.
    • Fiction: No more than 40 pages of fiction, double-spaced, in 12-point font, stapled or paper-clipped. One story or several short stories is acceptable
    • Poetry: A maximum of 10 poems, single-spaced, in 12-point font, totaling no more than 20 pages. More pages may be submitted if required to accommodate alternative spacing.
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation with Forms, (Skip this if already submitted on-line):
    • A total of three letters of recommendation are required and they can be submitted electronically and/or in hard copy. (Please see above for electronic submission instructions.)
    • Hard copy letters of recommendation must be submitted with a UCI Letter of Recommendation form and a UCI Waiver of Access form. Both the applicant and the recommender will need to sign these forms.
    • The Programs in Writing accepts Letters of Recommendation via Interfolio or a university career center. In these cases, the UCI Letter of Recommendation form and the UCI waiver of access form are not needed.

    Submit all hard copy materials to:

    Graduate Program Administrator
    UCI - English
    MFA Program
    423 HIB
    Irvine, CA 92697-2650

Please note: Due to the number of applications we do not confirm when application materials have been received. However, you can send us a self addressed stamped post card, which we would mail out once we received/opened your application materials.

For any questions please contact the Programs in Writing Administrator at (949) 824-6718 or

The Programs in Writing does not accept any materials submitted by email.