Italian Studies

Spring Quarter

Dept Course No and Title Instructor
Acquisition of basic vocabulary and structure in Italian, student's work is concentrated in the conversational mode; homework and lab work reinforce reading, writing, and analytical skills.
Enforces previous course work and develops reading and writing skills through reading, analysis and commentary on selected complete literary and socio- historical tests. Prerequisite: Italian 1c or equivalent.
An overview of the development of epic in the West, its themes, topoi and motifs. Understanding the role, nature and identity of the hero; the role of women and the figuration of gender; the development of the person; the nature and possibility of civic life; virtue, vice and their consequences; the relationship between city and countryside, private satisfaction and civic concern. Familiarity with the development of such themes and topoi as the Earthly Paradise; the locus amoenus; vows; rigidity versus flexibility; the meaning of Christian epic; control and containment; disguise; unity and multiplicity; illusion and reality; prudence and recklessness - and their interpenetration and redefinition.