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History and Purpose of the American Oriental Society

The American Oriental Society is the oldest learned society in the United States devoted to a particular field of scholarship. The Society was founded in 1842, preceded only by such distinguished organizations of general scope as the American Philosophical Society (1743), the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1780), and the American Antiquarian Society (1812). From the beginning its aims have been humanistic. The encouragement of basic research in the languages and literatures of Asia has always been central in its tradition. This tradition has come to include such subjects as philology, literary criticism, textual criticism, paleography, epigraphy, linguistics, biography, archaeology, and the history of the intellectual and imaginative aspects of Oriental civilizations, especially of philosophy, religion, folklore and art. The scope of the Society's purpose is not limited by temporal boundaries: All sincere students of man and his works in Asia, at whatever period of history are welcomed to membership.


The Western Branch of the American Oriental Society


The Western Branch is deeply saddened to report the passing away of Daniel Bryant, the current president of the Western Branch.  Please see the announcement by Richard King and Lin Tsung-Cheng.

To honor Daniel's enthusiastic, life-long commitment to the mission and activities of the Western Branch, the American Oriental Society has created the Daniel Bryant Memorial Fellowship Fund to help support participation in the annual meetings of the Western Branch.  To make a tax-deductible donation to this fund, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer, Antje Richter.

1. A Brief Description of the Western Branch

The Western Branch of the AOS was founded in 1951, and its annual meetings have become an important forum for scholars of pre-modern Asia.  While in recent years papers presented at the annual meetings have largely centered on China, they have not been exclusively so. The Western Branch actively encourages scholars with a wide range of regional specialties as well as comparative interests to participate.

Western Branch Procedures of Operation

2. Officers of the Western Branch

President (Interim)
MICHAEL A. FULLER (2014-2015)
Irvine, CA  92697-6000

STEPHEN WADLEY (2013-2015)
Portland State University
World Languages and Literatures - Liberal Arts & Sciences
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207

ANTJE RICHTER (2011-2016)
Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations
University of Colorado
Campus Box 279
Boulder, CO 80309

Executive Committee
ex officio
MICHAEL FULLER (2014-2015), University of California, Irvine
STEPHEN WADLEY (2013-2015), Portland State University
ANTJE RICHTER (2011-2016), University of Colorado

elected members
RONALD EGAN (20132016), Stanford University
MEOW HUI GOH (20132016), Ohio State University
RICHARD VANNESS SIMMONS (20142017), Rutgers University
TIMOTHY WAI KEUNG CHAN (20142017), Hong Kong Baptist University

3.  Meetings of the Western Branch

2015 Annual Meeting:  University of Colorado, Boulder

2014 Annual Meeting:  Stanford University

Programs and Abstracts for Previous Meetings

Most recently updated: 4/8/2015