Early Cultures Courses 2017-18
Upper Division and Graduate Seminars


Roland Betancourt (Art History and Visual Studies)
Vis. Studies 295/Hum 270 Simulacral Spaces: this graduate seminar looks at the deep ancient and medieval predecessors of the modern theme park, thinking about how artificial objects and landscapes have been constructed and deployed. Also a Critical Theory Emphasis seminar.

Sean Greenberg (Philosophy)
Phil 113: "The Problem of Evil in Early Modern Philosophy." The early modern period witnessed a spectacular flourishing of work on the problem of evil; this course will examine the approaches to this issue developed by Pierre Bayle, Nicholas Malebranche, and, especially, G. W. Leibniz..

Phil 213: "Descartes: Metaphysics, Physics, and Ethics." In this course, we will focus on the metaphysical roots, of philosophy articulated in the Meditations on First Philosophy, which we will read in its entirety, in conjunction with the reworking of the “Meditations” in Part 1 of the Principles of Philosophy.

Christophe Litwin (French)
FRE 218/CL 210 Rousseau: Anthropology & Politics

Lyle Massey (Art History and Visual Studies)
Art History 298/198 Landscape and Power: combined undergrad and grad  seminar on the long history (early modern to contemporary) of the relationship  between landscape imagery and discourses of power.

Laura Mitchell (History)
History 240A Approaches to World History (Variety World History in on line  schedule) Introduction to methods and existing scholarship for approaching  questions on a global scale.

Jane Newman (Comp. Lit.)
European Studies 101A: The European Renaissance Goes to the Movies
Comp Lit 200B: Theories of Translation

Rachel O’Toole (History)
History 190 The Self in Latin American Slavery-- The course will explore how  individuals articulated their identities within and beyond enslavement in  eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Cuba, Brazil, and throughout Latin America.


Peter Frei (French)
FRE 150 The Body at the Renaissance: Text & Image

Christophe Litwin (French)
FRE 171/ES 103 Self-Interest & the Common Good from Aristotle to Adam  Smith

Amy Powell (Art History and Visual Studies)
Art History H198 Iconography of the Wind— on images and ideas of pneuma,  spiritus, wind, air, breeze, breath movement, and so on.


Roland Betancourt (Art History and Visual Studies)
Art Hist 114 The Apocalypse: Hell and high water, judgment, salvation, pain, and bliss are all terms associated with the Apocalypse. This course looks at how the medieval world thought about the end of time, the events that occurred in that moment, and afterwards for eternity.

Julia Lupton (English)
English 210 Shakespeare

Amy Powell (Art History and Visual Studies)
Visual Studies 298, Air, Ambiance, Milieu: Archeology of the Concept of  Environment. Examination of the deep history of mechanical, biological, and  sociological theories of the relation between entities and their environments, with  particular emphasis on how these theories and their various metaphors have  affected the production and interpretation of works of art.

Lyle Massey
AH 120 Renaissance Art: Introduction to the art and architecture of Renaissance Italy.