Affiliated Faculty

Stephen Barker
Ph.D., University of Arizona; Professor of Drama (philosophy, theory, criticism, literature)
David CarrollPh.D., The Johns Hopkins University; Emeritus Professor of French and Italian (20th-century literature, theory, culture and politics)
Published Books
Vinayak Chaturvedi
Ph.D., Cambridge University; Assistant Professor of History (South Asia, social and intellectual history)
Published Books
Susan B. Coutin
Ph.D., Stanford University; Associate Professor of Criminology, Law & Society (law, culture, immigration, human rights, Central America)
Suzanne GearhartPh.D., The Johns Hopkins University; Emerita Professor of French and Italian (17th- and 18th-century French literature, history, philosophy, and psychoanalysis)
Published Books
Kyung Hyun Kim
Ph.D., University of Southern California; Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Literatures (East Asian cinema, modern Korea, critical theory)
Published Books
Peter Krapp
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara; Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies (digital culture, media history, critical theory)
Published Books
William MaurerPh.D., Stanford University; Professor and Chair of Anthropology (anthropology of law, globalization, the Caribbean, money and finance, gender and kinship)
Glen Mimura
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz; Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies (race and film, media, nationalism and globalization, cultural studies)
Published Books
Daniel J. SchroeterPh.D., University of Manchester; Professor of History and Teller Family Chair in Jewish History (Jewish history, North Africa and the Middle East)