Date Time Program Title
03/07/1806:00 PMHumanities CommonsTed Chiang, author
03/07/1806:00 PMHumanities CommonsScience fiction writer Ted Chiang
01/12/1803:00 PMHumanities CommonsLiza Featherstone on Diving Desire: Focus Groups and the Culture of Consultation
01/12/1812:30 PMHumanities CommonsTelling Stories about China and Burma: Tales of Three Writers
01/11/1804:30 PMHumanities CommonsBurma in Crisis: Panel
01/11/1806:00 PMHumanities CommonsCharmaine Craig, MFA '99, MISS BURMA
12/13/1702:00 PMHumanities CommonsWorkshop on Canvas
12/06/1712:00 PMHumanities CommonsDH Technology Skill Share
11/29/1705:00 PMHumanities CommonsBlackness and the Asian Century (BASIC)
11/27/1712:00 PMHumanities CommonsVenezuela, What Everyone Needs to Know
11/22/1702:00 PMHumanities CommonsProfessor Kavita Philip (History) on "Databases as Politics: Reflections on Science and Technology Studies in South Asia"
11/08/1705:00 PMHumanities CommonsStealing the Citadelle: Icons of Nationalhood and Memories & Theft in Haitian Narratives of Kout Kouto
11/03/1712:00 PMHumanities CommonsRobert Newman, National Humanities Center
10/31/1712:30 PMHumanities CommonsPedagogy Skill Share
10/27/1712:00 PMHumanities Commons"Political Fictions of the Renaissance: The Reinvention of Literature in Early Modern France"
10/26/1706:00 PMHumanities CommonsYA Novelist Angie Thomas
10/25/1702:00 PMHumanities CommonsW.E.B.DU BOIS AND THE CONCEPT OF RACE
10/25/1712:00 PMHumanities CommonsWordPress Workshop
10/20/1712:00 PMHumanities CommonsScholars at Risk
10/18/1702:30 PMHumanities Commons"Religion and the Study of Human Biodiversity"
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