Saunier Still Lives Collection

Professor Cecile Whiting's F16 Art History students have selected and written descriptions of art work from the Saunier Still Lives Collection. The art work and the student labels will be on exhibit in Langson Library beginning May 2017.

The physical exhibit will be located in two spaces: the UCI Libraries Muriel Ansley Reynolds Exhibit Gallery and the UCI Libraries OC & SEAA Center. The movement between these two spaces will require viewers to think about refugee journeys that extend across geographical spaces and temporalities. Additionally, we will develop a website through UCI Space to showcase a digital version of the exhibit and offer resources to learn more about this history.

In 2017, the UCI Libraries’ internationally recognized Southeast Asian Archive will reach an important milestone of 30 years. The collection’s strength is on the resettlement of populations from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam after the wars in Southeast Asia. In the academic year 2016-2017, the School of Humanities is organizing a year-long Mellon Foundation Sawyer Seminar with the theme of “Documenting War.” This seminar, headed by Professors Cecile Whiting and Carol Burke, addresses the ways in which war is documented and remembered.

Our archive has played an important role in informing studies on war and its consequences, inspiring cultural productions that attempt to reconcile the devastations of war, and serving as a community repository for preserving histories not often told in national narratives. From our collection of refugee artwork produced in Southeast Asian camps to letters of family members attempting to locate their missing loved ones lost in the flight from their war-torn countries to the digital oral histories that serve to remind us of the everyday impact of war, we have ample documents, images, ephemera, artifacts, and more to showcase at a particularly meaningful moment in the SEAA’s own history.

This exhibit is a partnership between the UCI Libraries and the School of Humanities (English, Art History, Asian American Studies, and the Vietnamese American Oral History Project)