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Pop Art is one of the most influential art movements since 1945 with a fundamental element of dialogue between design and art. Pop Art Design is the first comprehensive exhibition examining the inspirations and cross-references between art and design that continue to shape our society today. It features a large number of important works by artists including Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, and Richard Hamilton; juxtaposed with works by designers such as Charles Eames, George Nelson, Achille Castiglioni, and Ettore Sottsass; as well as extensive ephemera. With this variety of material, the exhibition demonstrates how design in the early 1950s anticipated later elements of Pop Art when both artists and designers explored the motifs of the emerging consumer society. Objects of daily use were transformed into artistic pictorial motifs and sculptures while designers, in turn, availed themselves of artistic strategies like quotation, collage, and irony to develop a new aesthetic for everyday objects. The exhibition features approximately fifty works of art and eighty design objects from international museums.

Art History Events

Date Time Program Title
04/18/1810:00 AMArt HistoryFOAH Student for a Day with Professor Jim Herbert.
03/06/1810:00 AMArt HistoryPremodern Intersectionality: Marginal Identities in Early Cultures
03/02/1812:00 PMArt History"Narcissus, Stupor, and the Origins of Painting" with Susanna Berger
02/15/1805:00 PMArt HistoryDaniel Hackbarth "At the Crux of Style: Expressionism, Primitivism, and Materiality"
02/03/1810:00 AMArt History"Earth Flavor Ceramic Art of Postwar Japan": Saturday at the Gateway with Professor Bert Winther-Tamaki,
01/18/1805:00 PMArt HistorySayed Ali Mousavi (UCLA): "From Pasargadae to Persepolis:Achaemenid Stone Towers and the Artistic Heritage of the Persian Empires"
01/16/1805:00 PMArt History"Vito Acconci and You" with BLAKE STIMSON
01/11/1805:00 PMArt HistoryCalifornia Mexicana: Missions to Murals, 1820–1930: Laguna Art Museum private tour
11/28/1705:00 PMArt History"Air Pollution in Nineteen-Century Brooklyn: William Merritt Chase at the Gowanus Canal" with the Huntington's James Glisson
11/16/1701:30 PMArt HistoryVisual Studies Fall Colloquium
11/06/1706:00 PMArt History"Dissolving the Fourth Wall" with Tony Cutler
10/31/1708:00 AMArt HistoryUrgent message for Art History Majors: Sign up for mandatory advising TODAY!
10/24/1704:00 PMArt HistorySouth of Pico: African American Artists in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s
10/04/1703:00 PMArt HistoryWelcome and Welcome Back Party Wednesday!
06/06/1703:30 PMArt HistoryArt History wants you! Come to our party!
06/01/1709:30 AMArt History"History as Visual Splendor; Nostalgia as Idelogical Colonization in Bollywood Films" with Dr Ruhi Khan
05/20/1710:00 AMArt History"The Lure of Italy" at the Getty Center
05/16/1706:00 PMArt History"After Lives of War The Southeast Asian Archive Over 30 Years"
04/21/1709:30 AMArt History"Revolutionary Lives"
04/14/1701:00 PMArt HistorySawyer Seminar Documenting war presents: War and the Built Environment
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