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DH Live! Mapping Japanese History and Music Festivals

Department: Humanities Commons

Date and Time: January 24, 2018 | 12:00 PM-1:30 PM

Event Location: HG1341

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Featuring David Fedman (History): Deep Mapping Japanese history
Scott Stone (Research Librarian for Performing Arts): Mapping contemporary music festivals

David Fedman, Assistant Professor is engaged in an ongoing collaborative research project on the targeting and destruction of Japanese cities during WWII. Working at the intersection of history, geography, and visual studies, we have explored how maps, photographs, and other visual materials were mobilized to plan and prosecute the firebombing of urban Japan. This project is housed at His award-winning article "A cartographic fade to black: mapping the destruction of urban Japan during World War II" is available here.

Research Librarian for Performing Arts Scott Stone initiated the Recent Music Performance Database (RMPDB), a collection of music performances at contemporary festivals and concert series in California.  RMPDB is an open access corpus of contemporary music performance data . Currently the site is set up as a database that you can query for specific factors like whose music is being performed, when and where performances occurred, and what types of instruments are performing. You can then download some or all of the data to do you own analysis with your own tools.

The Digital Humanities Working Group meets quarterly for short presentations/demonstrations followed by open discussion and networking. Lunch will be served.