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Humanities Headlines

Professor Jim Herbert instructs an Art History course

The UC Irvine School of Humanities presents "Humanities Headlines," a faculty-led webinar series addressing the world's most timely and timeless issues. From digital journalism to race in America, each episode tackles important themes and news topics in a way that provides context and expert insight. In the 2014-2015 academic year, we heard from nine faculty scholars who addressed the audience with their expertise on topics as vast as censorship in modern China and immigration policy. In 2015-2016, we've taken a different approach. Each episode is now conducted Q&A style with Georges Van Den Abbeele, dean of the School of Humanities, asking the questions. We hope you enjoy them and welcome your feedback sent to

Alka Patel - "Re-use in South Asian architecture"
Christine Balance - "Pop music and Filipino Americans"
David Theo Goldberg - "Are we all post racial yet?"
Roxanne Varzi - "Political Theater in Iran"
Jessica Millward - "The Ghosts of Slavery"
Jonathan Alexander- "What adults can learn from young adult fiction"

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